Book is out now!!!

The book has been printed and is out there for all to see and share. It was a labour of love…..a long process of photographing……designing a book…..editing……looking at proofs…..changing colours….lay outs…..contrasts…..lightness….darkness…..then printing problems….nearly didn’t make the launch…..more problems……more problems continuing…..wonderful comments…..not so wonderful comments from people not in the book………..downs…..and I’m going to do it all again!!!!!

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Photographing tomorrow

Photographing Berry’s taxi service

Dance Studio next weekend

Clydesdale Horses and carriage on weekend

Group photo of Berry Landcare at Mark Radium Park on Sunday for National Tree Planting Day.

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Interest in the book

I was at Muir Cottage on Sunday Morning.  Just a few people came along, I managed to sell 7 books before printing begins.  It will all help to go towards the costs of printing the book.

I created a website so that the word would get around, because it’s very hard to reach everyone, and keep people up to scratch.

I have a guessing competition to raise money for the project.  The prize is a book and a photographic portrait.  Drawn at Berry Merry Christmas.

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Still Photographing

Today after yoga class I will be photographing a couple of beauty salons and Harvey Blue, a very interesting man who used to lecture at uni on designing houses.  He has just made a poster of the old buildings in Berry.

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Markets today

I went to Berry Markets today,  found a couple of blokes who make the most amazing things out of old wine barrells  had to photograph them.  They made stools and chairs, tables wine racks candle holders.  The timber is already bent so they look great.

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Today I had the task of photographing the local Soccer Team

At Colin’s request to balance my book and add some sport clubs.

I reluctantly  photographed the Berry/Shoalhaven heads Sharks.  The boys all co-operated and posed for me.  I hung around and got a few action shots as well, just to make sure I got enough material.   All a bunch of good lookers.  Very talented too, I watched their movements very very closely.    Next Saturday, at Col’s insistance I will endeavour to photograph the Berry Magpies, Football team!

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A Snapshot of Berry 2007-2010 is on its way…

Cover of the Book Snapshot of Berry 2007-2010

I will be at Muir Cottage the last Sunday of the month, for a sneek peek of the book in progress.   Come along and view the book as it is right now in it’s raw form!! I hope to have the book published and printed by December this year.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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